NEW! Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener

NEW! Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener

NEW! Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener



Our BRAND NEW product, Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener, transforms your greying bras and underwear UP TO 10 SHADES WHITER!*  Revive and refresh your old underwear with our easy-to-use handwash solution - your new secret weapon against grey underwear!  Also great for when you've accidentally put your new white bra in with a load of black clothes! 

  • INCREDIBLE RESULTS - Vamoosh Lingerie whitener turns your bras and underwear UP TO 10 SHADES WHITER!*
  • EASY TO USE - Simply place both sachets (the Activator and the whitener) into a bowl of hottest tap water, add your garments, and stir regularly for 30 minutes.
  • REVIVE & REFRESH OLD UNDIES -  Our clever formula breathes new life into your old, greying undies. 
  • WORKS ON ALL TYPES OF UNDERWEAR - suitable for bras, knickers, pants, shapewear, sports bras.
  • 1 HANDWASH SOLUTION - Includes 2 sachets for 1 handwash for up to 6 garments. 

*when tested on greyed, nylon underwear

1. Fill a bowl with hottest tap water
2. Wearing rubber gloves, add the contents of both sachets to the
water (the Activator and Whitener)
3. Stir to dissolve the powders in the water
4. Immediately add your bras/garments (up to 6 garments)
5. Wait 30 minutes, stirring regularly
6. Rinse, wash and dry as normal