Lockdown puppy? Top tips for Christmas with pets

There's no denying that Christmas is going to be a little different this year, with less people and family around than usual.  And as much as you won't have that mad dash to clean up the house before an unexpected guest arrives on your doorstep, there's still quite a few things to think about as a pet owner.  We know that many of you became pet owners for the first time over lockdown, so this may be your first ever Christmas with your beloved fur baby.  So take a look at our top tips so that Christmas can be as wonderful for your pet as it is for the rest of your family.

1. Christmas trees

parasol tree for petsA real Christmas tree in your home is one of the great pleasures of Christmas. However, the oils in fir trees can be mildly toxic for pets, and the needles can get stuck in their paws or throats. If you stick to a real tree, just make sure that you sweep up needles regularly and place your tree in a room that you can close off if you are out of the house and your pet is home alone. (Or how about getting a 'half' tree like this one!)

2. Fairy lights and decorations

husky and fairy lightsThere's nothing nicer than twinkling fairy lights, but as much as we love them, the temptation to chew fairy lights is very high for many pets. Place them higher up on your tree and always turn them off when you are leaving your pet unattended. Equally, baubles and other decorations should be placed carefully so they are not knocked off by your pet or swallowed by inquisitive furry friends. It also goes without saying that chocolate tree decorations are a big no no when it comes to houses with pet (unless you are confident that they are placed fully out of reach from your fur baby).

3. Wrapping presents

Just as you like to keep the children out of the way when you're wrapping presents, keep the door shut and pets away when you've got the wrapping essentials out. Not only do you not want your doggo stepping on the ribbon you've just spent forever curling, but most bows and wrapping decorations have metal staples and you really don't want your pet to swallow these items.  Likewise, although putting presents under the tree can look lovely and festive, they are also a big temptation to inquisitive pets! 

4. Peace and goodwill to all men, women - and pets

dog cosyChristmas period can become really busy and noisy in the home, especially if you have extra guests staying. So make sure there is a peace escape for your pets: somewhere where they can retreat to when things get a bit much. (You may find yourself also heading for this space too!) Also, although everything else may be up in the air, make sure you stick to your pet's normal routines - especially with feeding times and exercise.

5. Preparing your home

dog and vamooshWe all want our house to be as clean, tidy and inviting as ever at this time of year, especially if we have guests coming over, so it's a good to get prepping early.  If your guests are non-pet owners, they may find the smell of your pets a little overwhelming, so just make sure you minimise the smell as much as possible and give your pet's bedding a good once over in the washing machine with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver before they arrive.  

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