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Our step-by-step guide to surviving the shedding season

Our step-by-step guide to surviving the shedding season

Are you starting to fret that the shedding season is just around the corner (or maybe it's even started for some of your hairy housemates?) Don't fear! We've put together our step-by-step survival guide for the shedding season, based on top tips from our team at Vamoosh HQ.

1. Make grooming your pet part of your daily routine

dog groomingMake grooming part of your everyday life with your pet.  Giving them a very quick brush outside every day will save you loads of time spent trying to remove the hair in the house.  If you commit to doing this every day you'll most definitely see a reduction in the amount of fur round the house. What's more, your pet will definitely enjoy the daily grooming. 

2. Use fleece blankets and throws on furniture

Dog blanket VamooshNobody wants to leave the sofa with their bum covered in hair so if your furbabies love to get up on the sofa for snuggles, get yourself some fleecy blankets and throws for them to lie on and to protect your sofa, then chuck them (the blankets/throws!) in the laundry once a week.  Fleece is extremely hardwearing, very good value and can be washed at a really high temperature, and when you use Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in the wash, the hair will be removed and it will turn out as good as new.   Not only that, your washing machine will be protected from the build up of hair so your subsequent washes won't be covered in fur! 

3. Wash your pet regularly - and be careful when drying them. 

dog hairdryerWashing your pet regularly will not only help to keep your pet's coat clean and soft, but it will also help to cut down the amount of hair around the house.  Top tip: when drying your pet, don't use a hot heat. Not only could it potentially hurt your pet, the heat will increase the likelihood of shedding. 

4. Remember, it's natural!

Try to keep in mind that it's natural and healthy for dogs to get rid of the old and dead hair to grow a winter coat (or indeed to shed their winter coat in the spring) so try not to worry too much about the hair they leave behind.  Shedding varies depending on the breed and health of your dog.  If you are worried about excessive shedding though, please consult your vet. 

5. Get tooled up

There are more tools for removing pet hair than you can shake a stick at.  From swiffer tools that pick up hair from hard floors and vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair and various grooming gloves, brushes and tools.  When it comes to washing your pet's bedding, towel and blankets, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is an absolute must to remove all that fur from your washing machine and keep the fuzz at bay.

New, improved formula of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

New, improved formula of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

Great news!  Vamoosh is now even more effective with our new, improved formula. 

Our clever scientists have been continuing their work in the lab to ensure that Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver packs as much punch as possible in removing those pesky pet hairs from your pet bedding, blankets and towels in the wash.  We have developed a brand new, improved formula which provides better performance - and is now on sale from our website. 

Our new formula - the geeky bit

Vamoosh new formulaOur new formula works harder to dissolve pet hair, by making it even more brittle, so that it breaks down and dissolves more easily in the wash. 

As before, our formula is completely safe for your pets and the environment and is chlorine bleach free and leaves no chemical residue.

What do our testers say? 

VamooshWe've asked some of our Vamoosh users who tried the original formula to try out our new formula and this is what they've said...

"Thanks for sending me out an improved version of your product which I used on my dog’s bedding and there was no hairs left at the end like that was on the old version the only disappointing bit is that you have to have your washing machine at such a high temperature it’s a shame that you can’t wash it at a lower one but otherwise I love it."

"I tried the original formula and unfortunately it did not work as advertised was very disappointed with it. Vamoosh got in contact with me and I explained that it did not work. I was sent a packet of their new formula to try and washed it at 90oc as instructed and I have to say it worked really well."


Try our new formula for yourself.

The packaging is the same, but the contents are even better! Buy from us today:

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver - in the news again!

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver - in the news again!

We've come a long way baby! Back in January this year, The Star newspaper wrote a feature about 30 new start-ups - one of whom was yours truly Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!  6 months on, Business editor of The Star, David Walsh, got in touch with us again to to catch up on what's been happening at Vamoosh and how far our innovative pet hair dissolving product has come come over the last 6 months. 

You can read the full article here...

Vamoosh PRVamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver has enjoyed 'significant growth' and is now sold in a staggering 1,000 shops. 

Back in January, the 'world's first pet hair dissolver for washing machines' sold out on the Pets At Home website in the first week. 

That amazing response has continued and the firm has hired a distribution company to handle online orders.  The product has also been certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand.  And a new, improved formula is coming, the firm says.  

Vamoosh is the brainchild of Barnsley scientist Alex Butcher, aged 21 and fellow scientist Dave Toms.  They were lucky to have the backing of a friend and local busines ower who gave them dedicated laboratory space and helped to fund their innovation.  

Alex was runner-up in the National Apprentice Laboratory Technician of the Year Awards 2016.  

She said: "Pet hair is notoriously difficult to get rid of.  Vamoosh is definitely a game changer for the owners of the 16 million dogs and cats across teh UK who have a constant battle with it."

Dog tired! These dogs can sleep anywhere...

Dog tired! These dogs can sleep anywhere...

Let's take a look at something that will make us all smile... dogs sleeping in the most ridiculous and cute positions and places!  It's obviously such a hard life being an adorable pooch! 

These are just a few of our favourites we've found on the web.  Feel free to send us your cute sleeping doggy pics too!  

1) Bed and breakfast?  

This cute puppy has fallen asleep in the dog bowl...

Dog asleep

2) Just testing out a new yoga move...

Namaste ;) 

 Dog asleep

3) Falling asleep at the wheel..

This pooch clearly isn't keeping an eye on the road!  

dog asleep at wheel

4) Your bed is sooo much comfier...

However much you spend on their dog bed they'll always find their human's bed much more comfy...

dog asleep

5) Late night last night? 

This doggo was clearly 'out out' last night! 

dog on floor

Remember, if you have any cute or hilarious pictures of your dog sleeping - send them in to us! 

Can a clean freak like me cope with a dog?

Can a clean freak like me cope with a dog?

Meet Lynsey.  Self confessed 'Queen of Clean'.   Instagram star (with over 50,000 followers) and one of the key cleaners on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.  Here, Lynsey charts her story of being a new dog owner and gives us her honest review of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver... (PS - You can read more about Lynsey and her cleaning tips on her blog,

Lynsey 'Queen of Clean' gets a dog.

Vamoosh review Lynsey Queen of CleanCan a clean freak like me cope with a dog? Well so far the answer is YES. I have had a few wobbles I won’t lie to you but overall I am proud of the way I am handling this situation and I am enjoying my new-found friend.   I really am not much of animal person and was always scared of dogs as a child but the rest of my family love them and the children have always wanted one. So it was time for me to put myself aside, forget my OCD and anxieties and do this for the rest of the family.

Research. Research. Research.

I am not a silly person and I didn’t go into the whole idea of owning a dog lightly. I did lots of research and spoke to many dog owners. I also borrowed a few dogs for the day to see if having a dog was something I could cope with. My home is spotless and everything has a place and the thought of a dog coming in and messing up my home and routine was very daunting. Muddy foot prints, spit and saliva on my glass doors was really not something I wanted and I certainly didn’t want my house to smell. Not to mention the poo!

Back in October I arranged to borrow a few dogs, the borrowing was on separate days and surprisingly I coped very well. Both the dogs that I let into my home were very well-behaved and everything was still clean and in its place.

After these two borrowing days. I said to myself I can do this! 

Finding a dog.

Queen of Clean dog HettyWell this was easy for me - Hetty literally just fell right into place with no real effort. We visited Hetty back in November and we were the first family to see the puppy litter. Hetty looked up instantly and I knew she was the one. So so cute and when I picked her up she fell asleep in my arms and the breeder said this was a really good sign. Surprisingly I was very relaxed. So again was this another sign that Hetty was meant to be.


How to maintain order and cleanliness with a dog.

I am a very routined person and I put a routine into place with Hetty before she even came home. This book has been a great help Guide to raising a puppy. I literally studied every single page and the kids all had a good read too so we were all following the same advice.

My home is still very clean and my cleaning routine has not been broken. When I want a deep clean Hetty goes into her cage to allow me to get on.  I do not allow Hetty to go upstairs and she is only allowed in the lounge in the evenings when we are also in there.  I have created a little space in my office for her so she can sit with me in the day and her crate is lovely and cosy with lots of blankets. When I go out I leave her in here so she feels nice and safe.  The longest we have left her at the moment is 2 hours.

Things that have helped...

IVamoosh and Hetty dog - Lynsey Queen of Clean  have bought 4 baskets and endless amounts of blankets. The basket she sleeps in is washed along with her blanket in the morning and a new set goes into her crate.  I cover the sofa when she comes into the lounge and the rest of the time I encourage her to sit in her basket.  Lucky for me there are some amazing products on the market that help keep your home clean tidy and pet hair free - and Vamoosh is one of those amazing products. I  absolutely love it and now wouldn’t be without it, Vamoosh is so easy and simple to use and amazing at breaking down all the pet hair that can be found in your pets bedding. Since discovering Vamoosh I now rarely have a hair is sight.


You can follow Lynsey Queen of Clean and her cleaning tips on instagram @lynsey_queenofclean and also on her blog

How to wash fabric horse gear and accessories

How to wash fabric horse gear and accessories

Washing equestrian horse rugs, saddle blankets, pads and coolers can be a pain in the rump!  The build up of dust, manure stains, sweat and other dirt means they need to be washed frequently.  However, sending them out to a specialist cleaning service can be extremely costly, so many of us try to do this at home.  

Unfortunately, just popping your horse gear into the washing machine with normal detergent doesn't cut the mustard.  The hair that sticks to the blankets and pads is nigh on impossible to wash out, and over time this can seriously damage your washing machine pumps and filters.  Not only this, anyone who's tried to do a normal clothes wash straight after washing their horse gear will know that literally everything gets covered in horse hair.

Thank goodness for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver! 

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver - for Horse Hair

Did you know that Vamoosh Pet Hair dissolver not only works well on dog and cat hair, but also horse hair too? For larger loads (of horse gear) we recommend using 2 sachets of Vamoosh.  All you need to do is:

  1. Pop 2 sachets of Vamoosh into the drum of your washing machine
  2. Then add your normal detergent and your fabric horse gear and accessories (being careful not to overload the machine)
  3. Run your longest hottest washing cycle (between 85-95 degrees celsius).
Vamoosh will ensure that your horse gear is left hygienically clean and will help to remove the horse hair clinging to the fabric.  At the same time, Vamoosh will protect your washing machine from clogging up with horse hair.  Also if you decide to dry your horse gear in the tumble dryer, your filter will be noticeably less hairy and will therefore help to protect your tumble dryer in the process too. 

    What about the washing temperatures required?

    In order for its formula to work, Vamoosh Pet Hair dissolver requires the longest, hottest washing cycle (between 85-95 degree celsius).  As much of modern horse gear is made from synthetic materials such as nylon, it is much tougher than you think and from our extensive testing, we found that synthetic pet bedding was undamaged at this temperature.   (We don’t recommend using Vamoosh however on material made from silk, wool or leather).

    How does Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver work? 

    Hair is notoriously difficult to get rid of, as hair fibre does not dissolve in water.  Hair is made from a protein called Keratin, which is linked together by two sulphurs which join together to form an S-S bond.  By using active oxygen,  Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver breaks up this bond which means that the hair is broken down into smaller pieces - ultimately dissolving it so that it can wash away. 

    Does it contain harsh chemicals? Is Vamoosh safe for the environment?

    When developing Vamoosh our main priority was to not use any chemicals that left any residues that were dangerous to the pet or the environment. Therefore, our formula uses active oxygen to dissolve the hair; and as such, leaves no chemical residues on the bedding and is environmentally friendly.  Added to this, Vamoosh has been Peta accredited, meaning that it has been recognised as a cruelty-free brand.