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Vamoosh featured in Mrs Hinch's instagram stories today!

Vamoosh featured in Mrs Hinch's instagram stories today!

We are very excited to tell you that Mrs Hinch has featured Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in a series of instagram stories today - just go to her stories at @mrshinchhome to watch them!  (Or go to

Mrs Hinch uses VamooshMrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchliffe) is somewhat of an instagram sensation, having grown her follower numbers from 1k to over 2 million in the space of a year with her instagram pages that is dedicated to showing off her tips and tricks to keep her immaculate home in order.  In her instagram stories today, Mrs Hinch mentions that she uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her 'dorgeous' dog Henry's bedding.  Henry even has his own bedroom, so he is used to the finer things in life - and we think he deserves nothing less than beautiful clean and hair-free pet bedding! 

 Head over to Mrs Hinch's instagram page at @mrshinchhome to take a look at her stories! 



Behind the scenes at our Lynsey Queen of Clean shoot

Behind the scenes at our Lynsey Queen of Clean shoot

Lynsey Queen of CleanYou may have seen from our social media posts that we had the pleasure of spending the day with the lovely Lynsey Queen of Clean last week.  Lynsey came up to Yorkshire and helped us to shoot a new promotional video (to be shown soon!) for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver.

Lynsey Queen of Clean has been a big fan of Vamoosh for a long time, and often posts that she uses it for her gorgeous doggy Hetty's blankets and bedding.  With Lynsey's practical approach to cleaning and her great tips and tricks, she was our Number 1 choice for getting involved in this project. 

Take a look below at our little video montage of the day for some behind the scenes footage! 


We are very grateful to the following people who helped us on the day:

Lynsey Queen of Clean (of course!) - @lynsey_queenofclean

Hewitt & Walker videography - @hewittandwalker

Sonia Schofield make up  / @sonia.schofield.mua

Doyly's tea room (outside catering) -

And of course Mr Chips our lovely black lab! 

lynsey queen of clean

Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

The instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has given us a glimpse into her cupboard under her sink - and guess what's in there?  Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver of course!  In one of her instagram stories last night, Mrs Hinch gave us all a walk through her very organised cupboard.  Explaining what was in her 'daily' basket - i.e. cleaning products that she uses on a daily basis, and also what was in her 'weekly' basket and she also showed up what was in her 'ad hoc' basket - i.e those essential items that you need on an ad hoc basis. 

We were very excited to see Mrs Hinch's sachet of Vamoosh tucked way nicely next to her Mink'eh sponge packets.  Mrs Hinch went onto explain:

"These actually work really well.  When I wash Henry's throw I wash it on its own. But I do use these. So I rate those."

You can follow Mrs Hinch on instagram at @mrshinchome. Her followers called themselves the #hincharmy and regularly show how they've #hinched their houses, using hashtags such as #mrshinchmademedoit 

Vamoosh's new, improved formula has landed at Pets at Home!

Vamoosh's new, improved formula has landed at Pets at Home!

Great news!  Our new, improved formula has landed at Pets at Home stores!

pets at home vamoosh pet hair dissolverOur clever scientists at Vamoosh HQ have developed a brand new, improved formula of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver which provides significantly better performance... and the even better news is that it's now available in Pets at Home stores around the country! 

Even though we all love our pets, we know how much of a hassle pet hair can be have, so we have ensured that Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver packs as much punch as possible in removing those pesky pet hairs from your pet bedding, blankets and towels in the wash so that you can enjoy even better performance on every wash. 

Our new formula - the geeky bit

Vamoosh new formulaOur new formula works harder to dissolve pet hair, by making the hair even more brittle, so that it breaks down and dissolves more easily in the wash.  

As before, our formula is completely safe for your pets and the environment and is chlorine bleach free and leaves no chemical residue.


Head to your local Pets at Home stores today and pick up your sachet of Vamoosh.  Available at all Pets at Home stores at £2.50 per single sachet. 



What a load of floof! What are the hairiest dog breeds?

What a load of floof! What are the hairiest dog breeds?

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we present you with 5 of the hairiest dog breeds out there.  These guys need A LOT of Vamoosh in their life - and probably their own personal groomer too!  Do you have your own hairy monster? If not, which one is your fave?

1) Komondor

komondorYou may be mistaken for thinking your mop has started to run across the kitchen floor, however, this unusual Hungarian breed's coat of cord-like fur plays an important role. These dogs were bred to serve to look after sheep and other livestock, and their fur not only helps them to blend in but it also protect them from the weather or being attacked by wolves. As pets, komondors are innately protective and will defend their family and home until the cows come home.

2) Afghan Hound

hairy dogThe 'supermodel' of the group, the Afghan Hound is the epitome of sophistication. With its long flowing hair, slim build and exotic face, this doggo wouldn't look out of place on the catwalks in Paris! The Afghan Hound was originally used for hunting large prey in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan where its silky long coat was needed for warmth. Along with its super model looks come a little bit of an attitude... Afghans tends to decide for themselves when they want affection or to be petted - and it's always on their terms. They are independent and free thinking but make a great playful family pet.

3) Lhasa Apso

lhasa apsoIt may be small, but it's very hairy! One of the smallest but hairiest breeds, the Lhasa Apso hails from Tibet where its heavy coat protected it against the extreme temperatures. Despite their cute exterior, the Lhasa Apso is a tough, hard and strongwilled breed (for centuries, this breed was a watch dog for isolated Tibetan monastries) and it's often said that when a Lhasa Apso looks in the mirror, he sees a lion!

4) Keeshond

hairy dogsThe Keeshond hails originally from The Netherlands and was once a watchdog and companion on the barges of the canals and rivers of Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries. Keeshonds have a wolfish grey coat with a distinctive large ruff of fur around their necks. Keeshonds are geniuinely loving and caring dogs and make a great family companion.

5) Tibetan Mastiff

tibetan mastiffEasily mistaken for a bear (!) the Tibetan mastiff is known for its impressive size - and equally impressive double fur coat.  Tibetan mastiffs were bred to guard people, livestock and temples - and guarding is what they do best. They are completely devoted to their family but do require constant and consistent discipline - don't we all?!

How to prep your home for Christmas with a pet

How to prep your home for Christmas with a pet
There's no doubt that it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas...! The festive lights have been lit, the Christmas songs are now playing on the radio and the Christmas shoppers are out in full force. As exciting as Christmas may be, there are a few parts of the festive season that can be problematic if you have a dog or cat. But with a little bit of extra planning, Christmas can be as wonderful for your pet as it is for the rest of your family.