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How to really deep clean your washing machine

"Don't forget to clean the things that clean for you!"

Clogged up hair is a common cause of washing machine breakdown and bad performance - and can often lead to bad odours due to the bacteria build up on the clogged up hair.  Check out ITV This Morning's Lynsey Queen of Clean's demo of our NEW product - Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner with its unique 6-in-1 formula that dissolves hair as part of its deep cleaning process. 💡 Clever hey?! 💡 No other washing machine cleaner has this functionality, so we’re super proud of our clever scientists at Vamoosh HQ who have invented and developed this! Thanks too to Lynsey Queen of Clean (We love the fact that her nails match our packaging too! 💅🏼 💖)

How often should you clean your washing machine? 

Lynsey regularly advises her followers to 'clean the things that clean for you' and recommends giving the washing machine a deep clean at least once a month  - more often if your washing machine is in constant use.  Lynsey has been using Vamoosh products since we first launched in 2017 and is already a fan of our new Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner, having two teenage daughters with long hair and a dog there must be plenty of hair in her household! 

Where to buy Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner 

Available to buy at:
  • The Range
  • QD stores
  • Yorkshire Trading Company
  • Amazon
  • And of course on our website! 



VAMOOSH Pet Hair Dissolver was on ITV This Morning!

VAMOOSH Pet Hair Dissolver was on ITV This Morning!

Did you see Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver on ITV's This Morning today with Alison Hammond and Dermot O' Leary - and the wonderful Lynsey Queen of Clean?! 

itv this morning vamoosh pet hair dissolver

During a Pet feature on the popular ITV morning show, resident cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean shared her recommendations and top tips for keeping a clean and tidy home with pets around.  Most interestingly, she shared her top tip for washing hairy pets' bedding... by using Vamoosh! 

We loved seeing our invention on TV!  If you missed it, please check out the video below.

Watch the 15 second video clip of Vamoosh on ITV This Morning 

VAMOOSH 'is a godsend' - Mrs Hinch reviews Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

VAMOOSH 'is a godsend' - Mrs Hinch reviews Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Mrs Hinch first discovered Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver about 2 years ago and now the product is one of her favourite cleaning products (as seen recently in her 'Narnia' cupboard where she stores all her cleaning faves).

mrs hinch uses vamoosh pet hair dissolverToday, Mrs Hinch told her 4 million followers about the product and how she uses it for all of Henry's (her cute-as-a-button cocker spaniel's) bedding items, including his throw, blanket, towels and pet bed cover.  

She described Vamoosh as a 'godsend' for anyone that struggles with pet hair around the home.  (Yes, you guessed, we're a little bit chuffed!!) Here is a link to her stories today and below exactly what she said about our innovative product:

Mrs Hinch and Vamoosh - Feb 2021:

"So, today, I am washing all of Henry's towels, blankets and bedding and things. But this

Mrs Hinch Vamoosh

product, guys, is a godsend for anyone that struggles with pet hair around the home.  So when I need to wash all this, I can't just use my normal detergent alone as the hair just clogs up the washing machine, so I discovered this a couple of years ago now and I have been using it ever since. It's the Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver and it dissolves the hair from the bedding so it's perfectly clean when it comes out the machine: there's no hair left in the washing machine or anything. These are the little sachets you get and you can use it on all of your pet's beddings, throws, everything I've got Henry's throw and bed cover there... it's amazing stuff and I hope this story helps!"

What's in Mrs Hinch's Narnia Cleaning Cupboard?

What's in Mrs Hinch's Narnia Cleaning Cupboard?

Yep, you've guessed it, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver takes pride of place inside Mrs Hinch's esteemed 'Narnia' cupboard where she keeps all her favourite cleaning products.

Here's a little pic (from @mrshinchhome) of her gorgeously laid out cupboard that she shared with her #hinchers (followers) at the weekend... I mean, seriously, who else can make a cleaning cupboard look THIS good! 

Can you spot Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver on the 2nd shelf from the bottom? 

What's in Mrs Hinch's Narnia Cupboard?

Let's run through everything that's in her cupboard so you can stock up on her essentials too:

Inside we find...

  • Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver – Well, we had to start with this didn't we?  As you all know, Vamoosh dissolves pet hair in the washing machine - ensuring that Mrs Hinch's beloved cocker spaniel Henry has lovely clean bedding - and Sophie keeps her pristine washing machine hair-free and sparkling clean. 

Ok, so starting from top left she has... 

  • Flash Bicarbonate of Soda Spray – For cleaning hard surfaces around your home
  • Cif Stainless Steel Spray – Great for stainless steel surfaces and for bringin back their polished shiny look and feel. 
  • Sponges – On the top shelf, in one of her beautifully labelled boxes, Sophie pops all her favourite sponges - we're sure she's got a few 'Minky' sponges in there. 
  • Soda Crystals – For fresh smelling sinks  
  • Mr Sheen Multi Spray – Sophie uses this to keep wood, glass metal and plastic surfaces clean and streak-free. 
  • Fairy Liquid – Used for washing up obvs, but also can be used to disinfect surfaces. 
  • Flash Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid – For shiny, streakfree and fresh floors - Sophie likes the bicarbonate version
  • Elbow Grease Surface Cleaner – Perfect for removing grease spots on fabrics. 
  • Febreze Fabric Refreshener Spray – Does what it says on the tin - useful for those moments when your clothes or other fabrics just need a little refresh and you don't have time to wash them
  • Flash Antibacterial Spray – Disinfectant for hard surfaces 
  • Viakal Limescale Remover – Great for getting rid of limescale 
  • Stardrops White Vinegar Spray – A multi-purpose cleaning product 
  • Ariel All in 1 Pods – A great, handy to use laundry product that smells great
  • Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver – Yes, us, we just had to add our name in again (can you tell we're excited to be in Sophie's Narnia!!) 
  • Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover – Great for when you need to remove a tough staing from your carpet or upholstery (a godsend when you have toddler like Mrs Hinch's Ronnie in the house) 
  • Pink Stuff Paste – The iconic pink cleaning paste great for saucepans 
  • Flash Bathroom 3 in 1 Anti-Bac Liquid – A great bathroom spray
  • Lenor Fabric Softener – As you probably know, Sophie has her own range of Lenor products which have become a hit with her followers and leave clothes and bedding smelling gorgeous. 
  • Fairy Non Bio Pods – Great for babies and sensitive skin (and with another baby on the way, we think Sophie and her husband Jamie will be needing lots of these!)
  • Bold All in 1 pods – Great smelling washing pods. 


10% off entire website! NY sale!

10% off entire website! NY sale!

Wishing all you lovely Vamooshers a very happy new year.


To celebrate, we're offering you 10% OFF OUR ENTIRE WEBSITE. 

Get yourself stocked up for 2021 with your favourite Vamoosh products. If you're a serious Vamoosher, you'll love our 'Professional' bundle which includes 36 boxes of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver (that's 108 sachets) now at the bargain price of only £3.24 per box. It's also a great time to try our miracle-working Lingerie Whitener at only £5.85 per box (treating up to 6 garments). 

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Lakeland now stocking Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener TWIN pack

Lakeland now stocking Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener TWIN pack

Great news! Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener is now available at LAKELAND in a very special TWIN pack exclusive to Lakeland.

If you’re feeling a little bit embarrassed by your greying underwear and are dreaming of a white Christmas check out our new miracle working whitener. This is no ordinary fabric whitener though... it is specifically designed for underwear and can transform bras, knickers and lingerie up to 10 shades whiter! AS LOVED BY LYNSEY QUEEN OF CLEAN. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

vamoosh lakeland

This special pack includes 2 hand wash treatments for up to 12 garments. Available at - just search for Vamoosh or click on the image.