Dog tired! These dogs can sleep anywhere...

Let's take a look at something that will make us all smile... dogs sleeping in the most ridiculous and cute positions and places!  It's obviously such a hard life being an adorable pooch! 

These are just a few of our favourites we've found on the web.  Feel free to send us your cute sleeping doggy pics too!  

1) Bed and breakfast?  

This cute puppy has fallen asleep in the dog bowl...

Dog asleep

2) Just testing out a new yoga move...

Namaste ;) 

 Dog asleep

3) Falling asleep at the wheel..

This pooch clearly isn't keeping an eye on the road!  

dog asleep at wheel

4) Your bed is sooo much comfier...

However much you spend on their dog bed they'll always find their human's bed much more comfy...

dog asleep

5) Late night last night? 

This doggo was clearly 'out out' last night! 

dog on floor

Remember, if you have any cute or hilarious pictures of your dog sleeping - send them in to us! 

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