Top tips for looking after your dog this winter

Brrrrrr.... The weather has certainly dropped over the last week or so - and we're told that we're in for an even colder spell next week, so we thought it'd be a good idea to share some of our top tips on looking after your furry friends this winter. 

Let us know your suggestions too!

1. Doggy jumpers and coats

No, these aren't just a fashion statement, some breeds really do need a little extra help when the temperature plummets.  If you have a short coated breed such as a greyhound, Doberman or Chihuahua, pop them in a cosy jumper or coat when they go outside.  Of course, if your dog has a thick coat (such as a husky, lab or german shepherd) a dog coat or jumper will be too much for them as their fur coat already does a great job at keeping away them toasty warm, so in this case, an extra layer would do more harm than good. 

2. Out and about

dog reflectiveThere is no need to stop or reduce your doggy walks as the weather drops (unless you need to for health reasons of course) but just make sure you get yourself prepared with hi vis clothing if you are walking after dark and also get your pet some reflective gear so that they can be easily seen too by motorists.

When it gets extra icy and the gritters come out, the roads and pavements will be covered in salt which may irritate your furbaby's feet.  After walking, simply wash their feet so that their footpads are clear of salt/grit.  If you suspect their feet are cold, there are also some great dog booties on the market which may be a worthwhile investment.  

3. In the home

dog in blanketIf your house is a bit on the chilly side, just remember that your dog may feel the temperature difference too, so make sure they have plenty of thick blankets to lie on (which of course can be washed with Vamoosh!) - and of course, lots of extra cuddles! (We know that won't be difficult!)  If you find that you are giving your dog less exercise during the colder spells, make sure that you reduce their intake of food as they will be burning less energy.  You can of course exercise your dog in the home too though by playing simple throw and fetch games or playing tug.  Just be careful you play on a non-slip surface though so they don't injure themselves. 

And remember....

dog xmasWe know you know this already, but please please keep the Quality Street out of your dog's reach over Christmas as chocolate is toxic to dogs.  Also, just because us humans tend to overeat at Christmas, it doesn't mean you need to overindulge your pooch too.  At best, overfeeding your dog can cause them to become ill, but too much rich, fatty food may even cause them to have serious health problems, so keep an eye on what Great Uncle George is slipping your furry friend under the dinner table! 



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