Don't forget to wash your pet's bed!

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we are all becoming much more conscious of how we clean our home and our laundry to ensure that we reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Advice tells us to wipe down our shopping, regularly clean our phones and laptops, wipe our steering wheels - not to mention frequently wash our hands. 

But what about our dogs/cats and their pet bed? 

The good news is, according to the World Health Organisastion (WHO), there is no evidence that dogs or cats can be infected with Covid-19 - but we must remember that germs and infections can be passed easily from animals to humans after you pat and pet them - and many of these organisms can live in your dog or cat's bed without a host.  Also, when your dog or cat sleeps in its bed and then moves around the house, they are dragging invisible germs everywhere they go.  

While there is no specific research on how long Covid-19 can stay on fabric it is believed that all types of fabric can be contaminated with the virus, so it is possible that although you may be meticulously cleaning all the other parts of your home, your pet's bed may be harbouring infections.  

So, whilst we're all being super careful to keep our homes clean, we must really make sure that our dogs' and cats' beds and bedding aren't neglected and are washed regularly.  

This isn't new news though.  In fact, in some previous research carried out before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Associate Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Arizona found that dog beds were one of the top 10 germiest spots in the house due to the hundreds of germs, MRSA and faecal matter that they can harbour

But how frequently should we wash our dog's bed? 

How often should I wash my dog's bed?

According to the Dr Kelly Reynolds, you should wash your pet's bed once a week.  She recommends that you remove the cover from your dog’s bedding and wash it in hot water, followed by drying it on a high heat to remove the dirt and germs.  

The longer you go between washes, the harder it will be for your washing machine to remove all the potential pathogens from the bedding.

The quick and easy way to wash your dog's bed

In the OnePoll survey we commissioned, we found that the main reason why people put off washing their pet bedding was due to the hair that gets left behind in the washing machine and tumble dryer - the hassle factor! 

The good news is that Vamoosh provides a quick and easy way to wash your pet's bedding without any hair left behind. Vamoosh is added to your normal detergent and dissolves pet hair in the washing machine, leaving your pet bedding, blankets and washing machine hair-free and hygienically clean.


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