EXTRA! EXTRA! Vamoosh makes front page news!

Ooh, we do love a bit of fame!  Check out two members of our wonderful Vamoosh team on the front page of PBW (Pet Business World) magazine - which is one of the leading magazines in the pet industry.

Vamoosh front page of PBW news magazineThis photo was taken after our fabulous new pet hair remover 'Vamoosh' was awarded 'Best new pet care product 2017' by an expert panel of judges at the PATS trade event awards ceremony. 

The award was presented to Chloe and Justin Heaton (pictured here) who play an integral part of the Vamoosh team.  

Here's what Chloe and Justin Heaton had to say at the awards ceremony about winning the award (and the celebrations the night after we won the award...!)

"We are thrilled that Vamoosh won the award.  There was a lot of excitement on our stand as retailers discovered a product that can dissolve pet hair from bedding and blankets while leaving washing machines hair-free too.  However, Vamoosh was of no use to us the morning after the awards - all we needed was a ‘hair of the dog’! 

The picture at the top shows our Head Scientist and inventor of Vamoosh, Dave Toms also enjoying the celebrations (4th in from the right). 

Where next for Vamoosh...?  OK magazine/Hello/Vogue...?! ;)

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