For the love of dogs... (and Autumn leaves)

Is there anything more satisfying than jumping into a huge pile of Autumn leaves - or scooping up huge armfuls and showering yourself in a downfall of crisp, russet coloured leaves..?  Well, these doggos definitely love Autumn... and we couldn't agree more! Here are some simply gorgeous pics of our four legged friends enjoying everything this season has to offer (plus a few little tips to enjoy Autumn to the full with your furry friend). 

When you just can't resist the urge to roll in it... 

dog in leaves

Autumn is the perfect season for dog walking: the weather has cooled down and the temptation of rolling around in the newly fallen leaves is irresistible for most dogs - and humans alike!  Autumn walks (and rolling around) may mean your fur babies become a bit muddier than they did in the summer months, however, a quick wipe down when you get home and a regular wash of their pet bedding with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver will mean that you can keep on top of the slightly dirtier outdoor conditions and activities at this time of year. 

Eats shoots and leaves... 

Eating leaves

Who knew that eating leaves was part of a dog's balanced nutritional meal!? Joking aside - is eating leaves actually dangerous for a dog?  Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals and it's understandable that a newly fallen leaf may look very inviting to your furry friend.  As long as the leaves aren't sprayed with chemicals or fertilisers, eating the odd one here and there shouldn't be a problem.  However, if you find that your dog regularly seeks out leaves to eat, it could be the sign of a dietary deficiency or a sign that your dog may be trying to induce vomiting to relieve a stomach upset.  If you are concerned at all with your dog's eating habits, check with your vet. 

To camo or not to camo? 

camo dog

Dogs just love to hide in the leaves this time of year - and when they do, it makes the perfect photograph opportunity.  There's something about Autumn photos that can really capture a dog's personality and looks.   Whether your dog blends in with the Autumn leaves or completely contrasts to the orange toned background that nature provides this time of year, one thing is for sure - your fur baby will just love to be taken for lots of walks and spend quality time in the great outdoors with you and your family. 

dalmation in leaves








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