How often should you wash pet bedding?

Have you ever considered how you often you should be cleaning your every day household items?  Mattress Online has produced a handy infographic which reveals the frequency at which we should clean these items, with their experts recommending that we machine wash pet bedding once a week. 

how often wash pet beddingDespite this recommendation, we carried out some research recently which revealed that a whopping 63% of the 1000 people surveyed say they don’t wash their dog’s bedding at the recommended frequency of once a week, with 5% of people admitting to NEVER washing their dog bedding in the washing machine.

Kelly Reynolds, associate professor of environmental health at the University of Arizona states that dog beds are one of the top 8 germiest spots in the house (along with the kitchen sponge and toothbrushes) due to the hundreds of germs, MRSA and fecal matter that they can harbour. Added to all of the dirt, pollen and dead skin cells it’s unsurprising that pet bedding is a breeding ground for germs. In the same line as the experts at Mattress Online, Reynolds therefore recommends that we remove the cover from our pet’s bedding once a week and wash it in hot water, followed by drying it on a high heat.

However, as we know, with all good intentions, the actual task of washing dog bedding is one of those jobs that seems to fall to the bottom of the chore list, with our poll revealing that the main reason stopping us from washing our dog bedding is the pet hair left behind in the washing machine and tumble dryer.  THANK GOODNESS for VAMOOSH! (Our amazing pet hair dissolver for washing machines!)

Vamoosh = the easy way to wash pet bedding once a week...

As Vamoosh dissolves pet hair in the washing machine, it leaves pet bedding and laundry appliances hair-free and hygienically clean – also, as it is chlorine-bleach free and leaves no chemical residues, it is safe to use and kind to the whole family – including our kids and furry friends.  So now you can easily, quickly and safely wash your pet bedding once a week in the washing machine!  Now to tackle the rest of those everyday cleaning chores..... 

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