How to prevent your drains from clogging up with pet hair

Clogged up drains can cause big (and expensive) plumbing problems for your house.  Pet hair including cat hair and dog hair can contribute to the main causes of these clogs in household drains and pipes.   Here are some top tips to preventing clogged up hair from ruining your plumbing and your washing machine...

1) Clean your pet's grooming tools away from the sink

After you've given your furry friend a good brush, it's very tempting to clean their grooming tools straight in the sink.   However, cleaning them in this way is a sure fire way to clog your drains.  Instead, scoop and pull as much hair from the brush or tool as you can and pop it straight in the bin before washing it in the sink as this will save a huge amount of hair from going down your drains and pipes.  

2) Don't wash your pet in the bath or sink

When you wash your dog, try not to do so in the bath or sink as even the short-hair breeds will shed a lot.  If your budget extends to it, use a professional dog groomer or if you do bathe them at home, use a strainer or bath tub hair catcher to collect the hair before it gets washed down the drain. 

3) Vamoosh it! Dissolve the hair away in the washing machine 

Your doggo's pet bed, car blankets or towels will pick up a lot of hair especially during shedding season.  It's not as simple as throwing these items in the washing machine as hair is notoriously difficult to get rid of and excess hair in your machine can quickly clog up your pipes and drains plus cause it to break down.   To prevent this, wash your pet's bedding with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver.  Vamoosh breaks down the hair during the washing cycle so that it simply washes away with no clogging or excess hair left in the machine.  Used regularly, Vamoosh will also help to protect your appliance's drains, pipes and filters. 


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