How to really deep clean your washing machine

"Don't forget to clean the things that clean for you!"

Clogged up hair is a common cause of washing machine breakdown and bad performance - and can often lead to bad odours due to the bacteria build up on the clogged up hair.  Check out ITV This Morning's Lynsey Queen of Clean's demo of our NEW product - Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner with its unique 6-in-1 formula that dissolves hair as part of its deep cleaning process. 💡 Clever hey?! 💡 No other washing machine cleaner has this functionality, so we’re super proud of our clever scientists at Vamoosh HQ who have invented and developed this! Thanks too to Lynsey Queen of Clean (We love the fact that her nails match our packaging too! 💅🏼 💖)

How often should you clean your washing machine? 

Lynsey regularly advises her followers to 'clean the things that clean for you' and recommends giving the washing machine a deep clean at least once a month  - more often if your washing machine is in constant use.  Lynsey has been using Vamoosh products since we first launched in 2017 and is already a fan of our new Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner, having two teenage daughters with long hair and a dog there must be plenty of hair in her household! 

Where to buy Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner 

Available to buy at:
  • The Range
  • QD stores
  • Yorkshire Trading Company
  • Amazon
  • And of course on our website! 



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