How to wash a dog bed - Mrs Hinch's method

How to wash a dog bed

If you follow Mrs Hinch @mrschinchhome on instagram you'll know that she's been using Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver for a couple of years to wash her dog's bed and bedding.  Henry, as we all know, is the epitome of a perfectly pampered pooch, and so we would expect nothing less than for Mrs Hinch to use Vamoosh to clean his dog bedding!

Forget the lint roller, hoovering the bed or scraping wet hair out of the washing machine, here is Mrs Hinch's super simple way of washing a dog bed... 

How to wash a dog bed - Mrs Hinch's method

To wash her dog bed and bedding Mrs Hinch follows these simple steps:

  1. Pour contents of 1 sachet of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in your washing machine dispenser drawer (for extra hairy loads, use 2 sachets). Then add your normal detergent
  2. Place pet bedding in your washing machine
  3. Run your longest, hottest cycle (85-95 degrees celsius)
  4. Dry bedding as usual. Tumble dry to maintain fluffiness. 
  5. Vamoosh!  The hair is gone! The quick and easy way to wash your dog bed. 

It really is that simple!  

Mrs Hinch's extra tip for using Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver:

Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh

Mrs Hinch also shared an extra tip for using Vamoosh.  She told her followers that Vamoosh can also be used on an empty washing machine. This is really good news for people who get a lot of hair in their machine after washing their clothes or their own duvet covers etc – and need to find a way of dissolving and removing pet hair from their washing machine drum and filter. 

Thanks Mrs Hinch!

....Or as she would say, ATB!

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