How to wash fabric horse gear and accessories

Washing equestrian horse rugs, saddle blankets, pads and coolers can be a pain in the rump!  The build up of dust, manure stains, sweat and other dirt means they need to be washed frequently.  However, sending them out to a specialist cleaning service can be extremely costly, so many of us try to do this at home.  

Unfortunately, just popping your horse gear into the washing machine with normal detergent doesn't cut the mustard.  The hair that sticks to the blankets and pads is nigh on impossible to wash out, and over time this can seriously damage your washing machine pumps and filters.  Not only this, anyone who's tried to do a normal clothes wash straight after washing their horse gear will know that literally everything gets covered in horse hair.

Thank goodness for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver! 

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver - for Horse Hair

Did you know that Vamoosh Pet Hair dissolver not only works well on dog and cat hair, but also horse hair too? For larger loads (of horse gear) we recommend using 2 sachets of Vamoosh.  All you need to do is:

  1. Pop 2 sachets of Vamoosh into the drum of your washing machine
  2. Then add your normal detergent and your fabric horse gear and accessories (being careful not to overload the machine)
  3. Run your longest hottest washing cycle (between 85-95 degrees celsius).
Vamoosh will ensure that your horse gear is left hygienically clean and will help to remove the horse hair clinging to the fabric.  At the same time, Vamoosh will protect your washing machine from clogging up with horse hair.  Also if you decide to dry your horse gear in the tumble dryer, your filter will be noticeably less hairy and will therefore help to protect your tumble dryer in the process too. 

    What about the washing temperatures required?

    In order for its formula to work, Vamoosh Pet Hair dissolver requires the longest, hottest washing cycle (between 85-95 degree celsius).  As much of modern horse gear is made from synthetic materials such as nylon, it is much tougher than you think and from our extensive testing, we found that synthetic pet bedding was undamaged at this temperature.   (We don’t recommend using Vamoosh however on material made from silk, wool or leather).

    How does Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver work? 

    Hair is notoriously difficult to get rid of, as hair fibre does not dissolve in water.  Hair is made from a protein called Keratin, which is linked together by two sulphurs which join together to form an S-S bond.  By using active oxygen,  Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver breaks up this bond which means that the hair is broken down into smaller pieces - ultimately dissolving it so that it can wash away. 

    Does it contain harsh chemicals? Is Vamoosh safe for the environment?

    When developing Vamoosh our main priority was to not use any chemicals that left any residues that were dangerous to the pet or the environment. Therefore, our formula uses active oxygen to dissolve the hair; and as such, leaves no chemical residues on the bedding and is environmentally friendly.  Added to this, Vamoosh has been Peta accredited, meaning that it has been recognised as a cruelty-free brand.  

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