How to wash pet bedding...the NEW way!

Most pet owners probably have a sneaking feeling that they should wash their pet bedding more regularly. However, the current recommended methods for washing pet bedding can involve a multi-step process including vacuuming the bedding and using a lint roller or duct tape before putting it in the washing machine. Even after all that cleaning and washing, stubborn pet hairs often still remain that haven’t been removed during the process, as hair is notoriously difficult to break down and remove.  Added to that (and perhaps more importantly) a lot of hair remains in the washing machine and tumble dryer, meaning they need to be cleaned after the event - adding to the hassle of the whole procedure.  

Because the current methods are so time-consuming and laborious (and generally ineffective) it is no surprise that many people put off washing their pet bedding.

Now that Vamoosh has been invented there are no excuses! Vamoosh offers a single-step method for effectively and conveniently cleaning pet bedding in a single wash by dissolving pet hair in the washing machine. All you need to do is simply pop a sachet of Vamoosh in the drum along with your usual detergent leaving pet bedding and washing appliances hygienically clean and hair-free in the minimal amount of time.

Households across the country can now benefit from our innovative new product meaning that dirty dog beds could be a thing of the past! 

Follow our simple steps for washing your pet bedding the quick and easy way:

How to wash pet bedding in the washing machine


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