Mrs Hinch fans rave about Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

A savvy group of Mrs Hinch fans on Facebook have come up with some suggestions to remove pet hair in the washing machine... with multiple people recommending Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

The group of cleaning enthusiasts frequently post questions and recommendations for each other with lots of people responding to a post about removing pet hair. The Express article reveals:

"Multiple people agreed that the product was effective, with one adding: “I’ve tried a few washing machine cleaners but Vamoosh is definitely the best. I buy in bulk from Amazon as I use it once a week after my pet blanket wash, but you can buy in supermarkets/home bargains etc.”

Mrs Hinch, who is currently on maternity leave following the birth of her second child, has amassed 4.1 million followers on instagram - and even though she's not busy posting about cleaning, her hoardes of followers still have lots of tips and tricks. 



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