The Clean & Tidy Home Show

WOW! We're still on a high from the amazing weekend we just spent at The inaugural Clean & Tidy Home Show at ExCel London.

Vamoosh stand Clean & Tidy Show
Three members of our marketing team represented Vamoosh over the weekend, with our bright and bold stand in the centre of the exhibition hall (easy to hunt down with our signature turquoise colour scheme!)  

The show offered a fabulous opportunity for members of the public to discover new tips, tricks and hacks for cleaning, tidying and organising from experts within the home-tidying space plus to meet many of the faces behind the cleaning instagram accounts we all know and love, including some of the big names in cleaning and tidying such as Lynsey Queen of Clean, Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon...

Lynsey Queen of Clean

Lynsey Queen of Clean

We have enjoyed getting to know Lynsey very well over the years, in fact our friendship goes back almost 5 years to when we launched Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver. She has always been so supportive of our brand and a huge advocate of our products, which she uses regularly. 

We were delighted when she recommended using Vamoosh on the Main Stage at the event and also when she came to find us for a catch up and a coffee (and the now obligatory 'Vamoosh shake'!) 

Lynsey had a special 30 minute slot hosted by ITV's Georgina Burnett on the Main Stage at the event, talking about her best cleaning tips and tricks and answering a raft of questions from the audience (there really is NOTHING that Lynsey can't answer when it comes to questions about cleaning.)

Meeting Mrs Hinch & Stacey Solomon...

Another big highlight for us was to meet 'in person' the lovely Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon. The two friends (and huge influencers with a combined reach of over 10 million followers) unexpectedly turned up for a Sunday afternoon wander round the show - much to the surprise and delight of the attendees!  As many of you will know, we have worked with Mrs Hinch for a number of years to promote our Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver.  Mrs Hinch is a genuine user of Vamoosh which she uses to wash her dog Henry's bedding and whilst we've enjoyed working together virtually, we've never had the chance to meet her 'in the flesh' before, so we were over the moon when she made a beeline for our stand and came to say hello! 

Mrs Hinch and the Vamoosh team

So what we she like? As everyone always says, she was a really lovely lady! Very genuine, very smiley... and a lot taller than any of us imagined her to be!! She even told us she'd just stocked up on another 4 boxes of Vamoosh! 

Another highlight (especially for our social media manager Evie who is a huge fan!) was to meet Stacey Solomon.  Stacey was at the Show to support her sister, Jem, who runs the very popular 'Label Lady' business which sells beautifully aesthetic labels for home organisation (check her instagram here). From the smile on Evie's face, you can see she was absolutely buzzing to have met Stacey.  

Stacey Solomon and Vamoosh

And the pièce de resistance...? 

Whilst it was lovely to meet some of the 'bigger' influencers in the cleaning space, we all agreed that the best bit of the weekend was catching up with the cleaning and organising community: people we've spoken to or connected with on social media over the last 5 years since we launched our brand. They are the friendliest, nicest people you'll ever meet and the reason why the cleaning community is such a supportive space.  

Equally, the Clean and Tidy Home Show events team were incredibly organised, supportive and approachable.... and the event was such a success they have already launched the date for next year... the 14th-15th October 2023.  Find out more here. 

Happy faces (and achy feet!) but a true sense of community...

Having spent 2 solid days on our feet, we may have come away with a few aches and pains (not least from the muscles in our cheeks from smiling so much) but our hearts are full with the knowledge that the cleaning community is one of the most supportive groups we've ever had the chance to be involved in and no matter how big or small the influencer or the brand is, everyone is happy to support each other.... and at the end of the day, that's what it's all about isn't it?  


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