Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

The instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has given us a glimpse into her cupboard under her sink - and guess what's in there?  Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver of course!  In one of her instagram stories last night, Mrs Hinch gave us all a walk through her very organised cupboard.  Explaining what was in her 'daily' basket - i.e. cleaning products that she uses on a daily basis, and also what was in her 'weekly' basket and she also showed up what was in her 'ad hoc' basket - i.e those essential items that you need on an ad hoc basis. 

We were very excited to see Mrs Hinch's sachet of Vamoosh tucked way nicely next to her Mink'eh sponge packets.  Mrs Hinch went onto explain:

"These actually work really well.  When I wash Henry's throw I wash it on its own. But I do use these. So I rate those."

You can follow Mrs Hinch on instagram at @mrshinchome. Her followers called themselves the #hincharmy and regularly show how they've #hinched their houses, using hashtags such as #mrshinchmademedoit 

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