Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her dog's bedding in the washing machine

Mrs Hinch posted several stories on instagram today telling her followers how she uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her dog's pet bedding in the washing machine - and how she gives it a BIG thumbs up!    You can view the stories in the highlights on our instagram page, but for those of you not on social media, here's what Mrs Hinch loves about Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver. 

"I’m just about to wash Henry’s blanket and a lot of my followers already know this but for those that don’t, this is what I use: and I have been using it for well over a year now, if not longer. So I’ll show you: 1 of these sachets dissolves pet hair in the washing machine, so it means you don’t have to scrape out the wet pet hair from the washing machine drum, the pet hair doesn’t clog up the drain or the filter. The directions and advice anyway are all on the front. But, it’s a HUGE thumbs up from me as you guys know, but for all my new followers, that’s what it is!"

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