New, improved formula of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

Great news!  Vamoosh is now even more effective with our new, improved formula. 

Our clever scientists have been continuing their work in the lab to ensure that Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver packs as much punch as possible in removing those pesky pet hairs from your pet bedding, blankets and towels in the wash.  We have developed a brand new, improved formula which provides better performance - and will be on sale soon.

Our new formula - the geeky bit

Vamoosh new formulaOur new formula works harder to dissolve pet hair, by making it even more brittle, so that it breaks down and dissolves more easily in the wash. 

As before, our formula is completely safe for your pets and the environment and is chlorine bleach free and leaves no chemical residue.

What do our testers say? 

VamooshWe've asked some of our Vamoosh users who tried the original formula to try out our new formula and this is what they've said...

"Thanks for sending me out an improved version of your product which I used on my dog’s bedding and there was no hairs left at the end like that was on the old version the only disappointing bit is that you have to have your washing machine at such a high temperature it’s a shame that you can’t wash it at a lower one but otherwise I love it."

"I tried the original formula and unfortunately it did not work as advertised was very disappointed with it. Vamoosh got in contact with me and I explained that it did not work. I was sent a packet of their new formula to try and washed it at 90oc as instructed and I have to say it worked really well."


Try our new formula for yourself.

The packaging is the same, but the contents are even better! Buy from us today:

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