Vamoosh's new, improved formula has landed at Pets at Home!

Great news!  Our new, improved formula has landed at Pets at Home stores!

pets at home vamoosh pet hair dissolverOur clever scientists at Vamoosh HQ have developed a brand new, improved formula of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver which provides significantly better performance... and the even better news is that it's now available in Pets at Home stores around the country! 

Even though we all love our pets, we know how much of a hassle pet hair can be have, so we have ensured that Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver packs as much punch as possible in removing those pesky pet hairs from your pet bedding, blankets and towels in the wash so that you can enjoy even better performance on every wash. 

Our new formula - the geeky bit

Vamoosh new formulaOur new formula works harder to dissolve pet hair, by making the hair even more brittle, so that it breaks down and dissolves more easily in the wash.  

As before, our formula is completely safe for your pets and the environment and is chlorine bleach free and leaves no chemical residue.


Head to your local Pets at Home stores today and pick up your sachet of Vamoosh.  Available at all Pets at Home stores at £2.50 per single sachet. 



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