Our step-by-step guide to surviving the dog hair shedding season

Are you starting to fret that the shedding season is just around the corner (or maybe it's even started for some of your hairy housemates?) Don't fear! We've put together our step-by-step survival guide for the shedding season, based on top tips from our team at Vamoosh HQ.

1. Make grooming your pet part of your daily routine

dog groomingMake grooming part of your everyday life with your pet.  Giving them a very quick brush outside every day will save you loads of time spent trying to remove the hair in the house.  If you commit to doing this every day you'll most definitely see a reduction in the amount of fur round the house. What's more, your pet will definitely enjoy the daily grooming. 

2. Use fleece blankets and throws on furniture

bulldog hair washing machineNobody wants to leave the sofa with their bum covered in hair so if your furbabies love to get up on the sofa for snuggles, get yourself some fleecy blankets and throws for them to lie on and to protect your sofa, then chuck them (the blankets/throws!) in the laundry once a week.  Fleece is extremely hardwearing, very good value and can be washed at a really high temperature, and when you use Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in the wash, the hair will be removed and it will turn out as good as new.   Not only that, your washing machine will be protected from the build up of hair so your subsequent washes won't be covered in fur! 

3. Wash your pet regularly - and be careful when drying them. 

dog hairdryerWashing your pet regularly will not only help to keep your pet's coat clean and soft, but it will also help to cut down the amount of hair around the house.  Top tip: when drying your pet, don't use a hot heat. Not only could it potentially hurt your pet, the heat will increase the likelihood of shedding.  There are some great microfibre towels out there which dry your pets quickly and effectively - and of course, if the weather is fine, let your pooch shake off outside for a few minutes to dry before you bring them back inside. 


4. Remember, it's natural!

Try to keep in mind that it's natural and healthy for dogs to shed their winter coat in spring (and indeed also get rid of the old and dead hair to grow a winter coat in Autumn) so try not to worry too much about the hair they leave behind.  Shedding varies depending on the breed and health of your dog.  If you are worried about excessive shedding though, please consult your vet. 

5. Get tooled up

There are more tools for removing pet hair than you can shake a stick at.  From swiffer tools that pick up hair from hard floors and vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair and various grooming gloves, brushes and tools.  When it comes to washing your pet's bedding, towel and blankets, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is an absolute must to remove all that fur from your washing machine and keep the fuzz at bay.

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