'The Sun' recommends Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner

A recent article in The Sun online recommends Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner as one of their top choices for cleaning washing machines. 

The Sun newspaper and Vamoosh

In a round up of the best Washing Machine Cleaners, The Sun journalist said Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner was "The best for getting rid of hair". 

She went on to say: "We’d never thought of it, either – but this is the first washing machine cleaner we’ve come across with the tech and know-how to actually dissolve hair build-ups.

This versatile washing machine cleaner from Vamoosh is a 6-in-1, and as well as being able to dissolve hair that lingers on all of our clothes (how does it even get in your pants?!) it eliminates limescale, blockages, bad odours, bacteria and dirt or residue."



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