Thrifty Clair reviews Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver!

We recently found out about a lady who goes by the name of 'Thrifty Clair'. She describes herself as a "thirty year old bargain loving, money saving and penny pinching enthusiast living in Greater Manchester."

She runs a great blog over at '' which has loads of savvy money saving tips, coupon codes and all the latest deals and bargain spots. These are tried and tested techniques she's used herself after finding herself into debt after university.  Fast forward 9 years and she's now debt free, on the property ladder, and planning her wedding later this year. 

We were delighted when Clair got in touch and asked to give Vamoosh a try and review it on her blog.  Here are some excerpts from her blog and review of Vamoosh. To read the full blog, please go to

If you’re a fellow pet lover with a hatred of moulted pet hair, then you might want to give this a go…

Shane and I have had Poppy since she was three years old, and in June she turned 10! That’s seven years of cute Pomeranian fun but also seven years of Pom fur all over the house! As soon as the summer months roll in Poppy begins to moult a ridiculous amount, I swear we could create a second dog with the amount of fur that comes off her. This is just from one quick brush and she’s not even moulting much at the moment!

Over the years we have tried everything to get the fur off her bedding (and ours as well). We’ve used rubber brushes, hoovered off the embedded hair, using sticky tape to de-fuzz the furniture and even had sticky rollers that can be rinsed off but nothing has been effective enough.

However, I recently discovered Vamoosh who very kindly sent me a few sachets to try out for free to see if this could be the answer to my pet hair problems. So last night, I put poppies bedding in the wash with two sachets as suggested and lo and behold, it has come out of the machine with a lot less fuzz! There were still a couple of hairs here and there but nothing like the crazy quantity that were on the bedding to start with.

I had a look through the frequently asked questions on the Vamoosh website and noticed it said it can also be used on some regular bedding. I was on a roll so I decided to give it a go on my duvet cover I took off a couple of days ago, Poppy spent a couple of evenings sleeping on my bed so it is caked in pet hair, this usually leads to a washing machine full of fur too. I’ve just taken the bedding out of the washer and that too has come out with a lot less hair on it, it’s an absolute revelation!

Like most people, I usually wash my laundry on an eco-friendly setting but Vamoosh requires a hot wash in order to break down the pet hair. This is why it can only be used on some regular bedding that can withstand the high temperatures, so before you bung your expensive bedding in, check it’ll withstand temperatures of 85-95 degrees! Mine came out absolutely fine so I am glad I gave it a go.

The lovely people at Vamoosh are still looking to find ways of developing a product that works at a lower temperature in order to be more environmentally friendly. Having said that, this isn’t a product that needs to be used regularly and it doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic chemicals so I am happy to use it once in a while when Poppy is moutling.

I’ve done a bit of research online and reviews seem mixed but I am really impressed with it. It seems that Mrs Hinch is big fan too so if it’s good enough for her and Henry, then it’s good enough for me and Poppy! 

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