VAMOOSH 'is a godsend' - Mrs Hinch reviews Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Mrs Hinch first discovered Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver about 2 years ago and now the product is one of her favourite cleaning products (as seen recently in her 'Narnia' cupboard where she stores all her cleaning faves).

mrs hinch uses vamoosh pet hair dissolverToday, Mrs Hinch told her 4 million followers about the product and how she uses it for all of Henry's (her cute-as-a-button cocker spaniel's) bedding items, including his throw, blanket, towels and pet bed cover.  

She described Vamoosh as a 'godsend' for anyone that struggles with pet hair around the home.  (Yes, you guessed, we're a little bit chuffed!!) Here is a link to her stories today and below exactly what she said about our innovative product:

Mrs Hinch and Vamoosh - Feb 2021:

"So, today, I am washing all of Henry's towels, blankets and bedding and things. But this

Mrs Hinch Vamoosh

product, guys, is a godsend for anyone that struggles with pet hair around the home.  So when I need to wash all this, I can't just use my normal detergent alone as the hair just clogs up the washing machine, so I discovered this a couple of years ago now and I have been using it ever since. It's the Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver and it dissolves the hair from the bedding so it's perfectly clean when it comes out the machine: there's no hair left in the washing machine or anything. These are the little sachets you get and you can use it on all of your pet's beddings, throws, everything I've got Henry's throw and bed cover there... it's amazing stuff and I hope this story helps!"

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