Vamoosh is now available in Pets at Home stores around the UK!

Good news for hairy dog and cat owners around the country...

Vamoosh is now listed in Pets at Home stores nationwide!

We are proud to announce that Vamoosh can be found in Pets at Home stores across the UK, and is available to purchase now in-store and online.

Vamoosh was recently announced as 'Best New Pet Care Product' at the prestigious PATS awards) and is quickly gaining popularity amongst pet owners looking for a solution to washing dirty dog and cat beds.  

Vamoosh dissolves pet hair in the wash, meaning that pet bedding, blankets and towels are hair-free.  This means that your washing machine and tumble dryer are also left hair-free.  Vamoosh works by using active oxygen to break down the keratin (the protein that hair is made from) which means that the hair breaks into small pieces and ultimately washes away.  Vamoosh contains zero chlorine bleach and does not leave any chemical residue, so is safe for the whole family, including our furry friends. 

Dave Toms, head scientist and inventor at Vamoosh said:  “The team at Vamoosh is delighted that Vamoosh is now available in Pets at Home stores across the UK. This product has been years in development and it is a proud moment for us."

So, next time you’re in Pets at Home, pick up Vamoosh and make dirty dog and cat beds a thing of the past! 


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