How to whiten grey bras

We've just launched our brand new product...

Have you ever accidentally washed a white bra with your dark clothes? Are you embarrassed by your greying sad-looking underwear? Have you tried all the other fabric whiteners on the market but nothing works? 

This is no ordinary fabric whitener

Our brand new product Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener, transforms your greying bras and underwear UP TO 10 SHADES WHITER!*

Vamoosh Lingerie Whitener is different from your usual fabric whitener or natural solution as it’s designed specifically for bras.   Despite there being plenty of fabric whiteners on the market, none of them are specifically designed to work on the particular issues behind the reason why bras and underwear go grey.  

Why do bras go grey?  

The reason for this is that majority of bras and underwear are made, at least in part, from nylon which is particularly susceptible to picking up small amounts of dye in the wash every time it is washed.  No other whitening product on the market is designed (or works well) to remove this grey discolouration from nylon.   (Instead, the other whitening products are designed for other fabrics such as cotton as the discolouration and staining is different and therefore requires a different formula to remove.)

Revive and refresh your old underwear with our easy-to-use handwash solution - your secret weapon against greying underwear.

  • INCREDIBLE RESULTS - Vamoosh Lingerie whitener turns your bras and underwear UP TO 10 SHADES WHITER!*

  • EASY TO USE - Simply place both sachets (the Activator and the whitener) into a bowl of hottest tap water, add your garments, and stir regularly for 30 minutes.

  • REVIVE & REFRESH OLD UNDIES -  Our clever formula breathes new life into your old, greying undies.

  • WORKS ON ALL TYPES OF UNDERWEAR - suitable for bras, knickers, pants, shapewear, sports bras.

  • 1 HANDWASH SOLUTION - Includes 2 sachets for 1 handwash for up to 6 garments.

Give our new product a try and see the results for yourself! 

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