Vamoosh featured in Mrs Hinch's instagram stories today!

We are very excited to tell you that Mrs Hinch has featured Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in a series of instagram stories today - just go to her stories at @mrshinchhome to watch them!  (Or go to

Mrs Hinch uses VamooshMrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchliffe) is somewhat of an instagram sensation, having grown her follower numbers from 1k to over 2 million in the space of a year with her instagram pages that is dedicated to showing off her tips and tricks to keep her immaculate home in order.  In her instagram stories today, Mrs Hinch mentions that she uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her 'dorgeous' dog Henry's bedding.  Henry even has his own bedroom, so he is used to the finer things in life - and we think he deserves nothing less than beautiful clean and hair-free pet bedding! 

 Head over to Mrs Hinch's instagram page at @mrshinchhome to take a look at her stories! 



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