What's your pet's Easter bunny name?

Let's have a bit of Easter fun! 

1) First, take the first letter of their name...

A-C = Flufflestiltskin

D-F = Luke Skyhopper

G-I = Alfred Hutchcock

J-L = Mary-Hoppins

M-O = Boris-Bunny

P-R = Gangsta-carrot

S-U = Crunchymunchy

V-Z = David Hasslehop


2) Add the month they were born:

Jan = Fluffmeister

Feb = Snugglekins

Mar = Hippityhop

Apr = Bumfuzzle

May = De Rabbito

June = Flufflywiggle

July = Flopster

Aug = Tippitytap

Sept = Flapdoodle

Oct = Carrot top

Nov = Sprinkles

Dec = Nibbles




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