Vamoosh is now available in USA!

We have the news all our American followers have been waiting for - Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is now available in the USA! YIPPEE!

Where can I buy Vamoosh in USA? 

Head over to to order yours today! 

An important note for our American Vamooshers...

When we were developing Vamoosh, it was important to us that we did not use any toxic or corrosive chemicals or anything that left residues harmful to the pet or the environment. That means that high treatment temperatures are required in order for Vamoosh to work (85-95° Celsius /185-205° Fahrenheit) and that means it is only suitable for items that will withstand those high temperatures. Because of the high wash temperature, it means that it is also only suitable for use in the front loader style of washing machine with a heater, not top loader washing machines.  For any more advice please contact our customer care team at 

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