VAMOOSH® WASHING MACHINE CLEANER SPARKLING LEMON (for deep cleaning washing machines)

VAMOOSH® WASHING MACHINE CLEANER SPARKLING LEMON (for deep cleaning washing machines)

VAMOOSH® WASHING MACHINE CLEANER SPARKLING LEMON (for deep cleaning washing machines)



The ONLY washing machine cleaner that also dissolves hair, now infused with lemon essential oils to make your machine smell extra fresh!

Clogged up hair is a common cause of washing machine breakdown and bad performance (which can then lead to bad odours.) Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner's unique formula contains patented hair dissolving technology that removes clogged up hair whilst also eliminating dirt, limescale, 99.9% bacteria and bad odours. 

VAMOOSH Washing Machine Cleaner is all you need to protect your washing machine, prevent blockages and maintain freshness.  


Dissolves hair 
Eliminates bad odours
Prevents blockages
Eliminates limescale
Kills 99.9% bacteria
Removes dirt/detergent residues

hair dissolving technloggy

Hair (both human and pet hair) enters the washing machine via clothes and items such as towels and pet bedding. A normal wash with detergent alone does not dissolve in water.  When you mix water and hair, it clumps, which then clogs up and puts a lot of stress on your plumbing. 

Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner contains our unique patented 'HAIR DISSOLVING TECHNOLOGY' which effectively removes clogged up hair from your washing machine protecting it and preventing it from blockages and bad performance.

1) Add contents of sachet into your washing machine dispenser drawer
2) Run your longest hottest cycle (between 85-95 °C)

NB if you don't need to dissolve hair, you can run a 60 °C cycle.  Ensure your washing machine is empty before use).  Use once a month. 

Active ingredients:  

>30% oxygen-based bleaching agents. Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, TAED, phosphonates. Perfumes.  Contains 10g / 100g TAED and 40g / 100g SPC as biocidal precursors for production of peracetic acid, and 0.1% PAP


  • Sodium carbonate peroxide
  • Sodium sulphate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED)
  • Non-ionic surfactant
  • Phosphonate
  • Silica
  • Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid
  • Perfumes, Citronellol, Linalool

Will Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner work on a lower temperature wash?

Dissolving hair is very tough and so If you need to remove clogged up hair in your washing machine, you must use a wash cycle of 85-95 °C.  However, if you don't need to dissolve hair, you can use a wash cycle of 60°C.   

My washing machine doesn't have a hot wash of 85-95  °C - what shall I do?  

During our research, we found that whilst some washing machines may not have a 85-95 °C wash as a standard setting, there is normally a temperature control that can be adjusted to 85-95°C manually.  Please contact us at if you need help with this. 

Is Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner safe for the environment?  

The impact on the environment was a high priority for us when developing the formula for our Vamoosh products, and so we've made sure that no harmful substances are released into the environment when using any of our products.  Read more about our environmental considerations here.

Does Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner have to be used in an empty washing machine? 

Yes.  Before using, please ensure that the washing machine drum is empty.   

How does Vamoosh's HAIR DISSOLVING TECHNLOGY work? 

Hair fibre, which is made from keratin, doesn't dissolve in water. However, Vamoosh's clever patented HAIR DISSOLVING TECHNOLOGY breaks down the SS-bond in the keratin so that the hair breaks into smaller pieces and washes away.  Read more about the Science behind Vamoosh here.

How do I contact you? 

For customer services issues, queries or questions please contact - for any other issue contact