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Cares Laboratory Ltd is focused on bringing innovative new products into the household-cleaning category.   

vamoosh pet hair dissolverVamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is Cares Laboratory Ltd's first product launch and is the world's first pet hair remover for use in the washing machine. Vamoosh solves the frustrations of the 16 million dog and cat owners across the country allowing them to wash their pet’s bedding and blankets without causing blocked up washing machines, or needing to scrape away clogged up hair from appliance doors, filters or pumps - or requiring an additional wash cycle to remove the excess hair.

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Vamoosh's key features and benefits: 

Is your washing machine clogged up with PET HAIR❓
Does your pet bedding come out of the washing machine as HAIRY as it went in❓
✅ Dissolves pet hair in the wash on a 85-95 degree cycle
✅ Leaves washing machines & dryers hair-free
✅ For pet bedding, blankets and towels
✅ Environmentally safe - leaves behind no chemical residues
Works on dog hair, cat hair, horse hair... all pet hair!
🤓 The geeky bit 🤓 - Vamoosh is the world's first pet hair remover for washing machines. Its clever formula uses active oxygen to break down the keratin in the hair which ultimately dissolves the hair strands so they can wash away. Vamoosh contains zero chlorine bleach and leaves no chemical residue. 

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For press enquiries and further information, please contact Nikki Readman at or  For sales enquiries, contact

You can also call Cares Laboratory Ltd on 01226 705126.  Our address is: Unit 3, Dodworth Business Park. Dodworth. Barnsley. S75 3SP

More about us and Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver...

What is Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver?

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver’s unique patent pending formula is added to normal detergent in order to dissolve pet hair in the washing machine, meaning that pet hair (which is notoriously difficult to get rid of) completely washes away during the washing cycle, leaving pet bedding and washing machines hair-free and hygienically clean.

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver solves the frustrations of the 16 millions dog and cat owners across the country including businesses such as vets and groomers - allowing them to wash their pet’s bedding and blankets without causing blocked up washing machines, or needing to scrape away clogged up hair from appliance doors, filters or pumps - or requiring an additional wash cycle to remove the excess hair.

Without Vamoosh, pet owners find current methods of washing pet bedding to be long and laborious (including vacuuming the bedding, using lint rollers, cleaning the washing machine and tumble dryer after use to remove any remaining pet hair) and through some research that we commissioned, we found that 2/3rds of pet owners do not wash their pet's bedding at the recommended frequency of once a week due to the time/hassle and the amount of hair left in the washing machine.

Worryingly though, experts state that dog beds are one of the 10 dirtiest spots in the house and can contain traces of salmonella, listeria and ringworm. Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is the only in-wash solution for washing pet bedding that is quick, easy and effective - and leaves bedding and washing machines hygienically clean and hair-free in one wash.

The idea, the people (and the dog!) behind Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Alex Butcher and Mr Chips the dogLike many successful new inventions, the idea for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver was borne out of frustration.  Co-Director Tom Abbey was getting increasingly fed up of finding his black lab's (Mr Chips - pictured) hair all over his washing machine - and carrying out the tiresome job of cleaning away the wet pet hair that covered his washing machine drum, pipes and filters (if there's anything worse than pet hair it's wet pet hair!)  He also found that even after he'd washed his dog's bedding it still came out of the washing machine covered in hair. 

With the notion that there must be an easier way to wash pet bedding, Tom enlisted the expertise of other co-Director Dave Toms and lab assistant Alex Butcher (pictured) to create a product that would remove pet hair in the wash. The team spent months in the lab testing and re-testing and came up with a formula (that we now know as Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver) that would dissolve pet hair during the washing cycle so that the hair would simply wash away leaving the bedding and washing machine clean and hair-free.  The patent pending formula breaks down disulphide bonds in the hair that link the hairs' protein chains, thereby dissolving the hairs.

Environmental impact

When developing Vamoosh, one of our primary concerns was to create a product that was environmentally friendly and safe for all of the family with no chemical residues. Vamoosh dissolves pet hair using active oxygen and is chlorine bleach free.   No harmful substances are released into the environment when using our product.

peta logoCares Laboratory is proud to display the PETA-Approved logo to show that Vamoosh is a cruelty-free brand and to raise awareness that innovative and quality products such as Vamoosh can be made without the need for harming animals. 

Our successes

The Grocer LogoSince its launch in July 2017, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver has already enjoyed a number of accolades including being named winner of ‘Best Pet Care Product 2017’ at the PATS industry awards where the judges commented that Vamoosh "has fantastic market potential because it tackles a common problem. There is nothing like this currently in the market and it has an excellent price point."

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver was also nominated as a finalist in ‘Household Products’ category of The Grocer New Product Awards 2018 up against two global brands: Unilever and Intertissue. 

Pets at Home stocks VamooshWe are on sale in Pets at Home stores (online and instore), on our own website, on Amazon Prime, Ebay plus at independent retailers nationwide and online and we are in discussions with other major retailers - soon to be on the shelves in a national variety store.   Our export market is growing too, with distributors currently in Korea, Spain and Thailand. 

 Our Customers - and Social Media Stars! 



Lynsey Queen of CleanWe have a growing customer base (many of whom are returning customers) and have an increasing social media presence and following with many advocates and super fans from the instagram ‘cleaning brigade’ such as Lynsey Queen of Clean (@lynsey_queenofclean) and Mrs Hinch (@mrs_hinchhome).  Both have talked about Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in their instagram stories and have said that they use Vamoosh to wash their dogs' hairy pet bedding, and recommended the product to their followers.


The future

In the UK, we are in discussions with major retailers to list Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in their stores. We will continue exporting Vamoosh and are in talks with other distributors worldwide.  

In addition to Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver, the team at Cares Laboratory is continuing to innovate and invent new household products that make a real difference to every day lives.




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