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For the love of dogs... (and Autumn leaves)

For the love of dogs... (and Autumn leaves)

Is there anything more satisfying than jumping into a huge pile of Autumn leaves - or scooping up huge armfuls and showering yourself in a downfall of crisp, russet coloured leaves..?  Well, these doggos definitely love Autumn... and we couldn't agree more! Here are some simply gorgeous pics of our four legged friends enjoying everything this season has to offer (plus a few little tips to enjoy Autumn to the full with your furry friend). 

When you just can't resist the urge to roll in it... 

dog in leaves

Autumn is the perfect season for dog walking: the weather has cooled down and the temptation of rolling around in the newly fallen leaves is irresistible for most dogs - and humans alike!  Autumn walks (and rolling around) may mean your fur babies become a bit muddier than they did in the summer months, however, a quick wipe down when you get home and a regular wash of their pet bedding with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver will mean that you can keep on top of the slightly dirtier outdoor conditions and activities at this time of year. 

Eats shoots and leaves... 

Eating leaves

Who knew that eating leaves was part of a dog's balanced nutritional meal!? Joking aside - is eating leaves actually dangerous for a dog?  Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals and it's understandable that a newly fallen leaf may look very inviting to your furry friend.  As long as the leaves aren't sprayed with chemicals or fertilisers, eating the odd one here and there shouldn't be a problem.  However, if you find that your dog regularly seeks out leaves to eat, it could be the sign of a dietary deficiency or a sign that your dog may be trying to induce vomiting to relieve a stomach upset.  If you are concerned at all with your dog's eating habits, check with your vet. 

To camo or not to camo? 

camo dog

Dogs just love to hide in the leaves this time of year - and when they do, it makes the perfect photograph opportunity.  There's something about Autumn photos that can really capture a dog's personality and looks.   Whether your dog blends in with the Autumn leaves or completely contrasts to the orange toned background that nature provides this time of year, one thing is for sure - your fur baby will just love to be taken for lots of walks and spend quality time in the great outdoors with you and your family. 

dalmation in leaves








Lynsey Queen of Clean has an exciting giveaway....TODAY!

Lynsey Queen of Clean has an exciting giveaway....TODAY!

Lynsey Queen of Clean - Instagram (@lynsey_queenofclean) and TV star (Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners) -  is well known for her top tips, cleaning hacks and general all round positivity towards cleaning.  Honestly, this woman has so much energy and va-va-voom, it really does start to rub off!  Lynsey is also a super fan of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver since getting her gorgeous dog Hetty and we're pleased to say that she is running a huge giveaway on her instagram page...  The giveaway is...

✨Win A Year's Supply of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver ✨

How to be in with a chance of winning...

To enter all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Follow us @vamooshcleans on instagram

2) Follow Lynsey at @lynsey_queenofclean on instagram

3) In the comments on her Vamoosh Post, simply tag as many friends as you like 

The winner will be announced on Friday 19th October so you need to be quick!

Ts & C's:  For UK residents only.  Over 18s.  Prize is a year's supply of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver. There is no cash equivalent.

Good luck! 

You can also read Lynsey's blog here about Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver


Great news: Vamoosh is back on Amazon Prime!

Great news:  Vamoosh is back on Amazon Prime!
Now on Amazon Prime: You can now buy Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver on Amazon Prime with free next day delivery.  Just go to

Children and pets: The top 3 benefits

Children and pets: The top 3 benefits

With mental health week last week and half term just around the corner, our discussions at Vamoosh HQ recently turned to children and pet ownership - and specifically,  how dogs (and other pets) can be so beneficial to a child's mental health and overall wellbeing. 

As we know, there is a lot of pressure on children today from school and social media, and at a time when emotional intelligence is at its most impressionable, pets around the home can be of real benefit.

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a pet around the home, but just to make you feel even better, here are our top 3 reasons why pet ownership is so good for children (and of course many of these apply to adults too).

1) A Sense of security and boosted self-esteem

child and dogWhen your child feels like the rest of their world (parents and teachers) is telling them what to do, giving them orders, instructions or nagging, a pet is there to accept them as they are and will never criticise or judge. Pets are also particularly good for children who struggle themselves to make friends as they can help them feel appreciated and secure thus improving their confidence.  They can also be wonderful for older children whose parents aren't always around but still need some company and a little boost with their sense of security.  

2) Stress and anxiety relief 

As mentioned, being a child in today’s world is pretty stressful. We all know that bringing your dog to work can help reduce stress, and the same is at home. Simply stroking or interacting with a pet releases endorphins which make us happy.   This naturally lowers stress and anxiety and in time can really strengthen a child’s mental health.

3) Emotional Maturity

dog and boyLearning that sometimes we don't always come at the top of the pecking order at home, can be a really good life lesson for children.  Understanding that a pet's needs may come before our own wants and needs and learning to prioritise these will help your child grow into an adult who appreciates responsibilities and understands that we need to care for others.  

In conclusion....

So basically, if you don't yet own a dog or cat and you are being bugged incessantly by your child/re to enter into the world of pet ownership, you now have even less of an excuse!! :)  However, of course, please always remember, that adding a pet to your family is a lifelong commitment that should not be taken lightly. 

The Grocer New Product Awards: Finals

The Grocer New Product Awards: Finals

The GrocerAs you've probably seen in our previous blogs and on our social channels, earlier this year we were very proud for Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to have reached the finals of 'The Grocer New Product Awards' in the Household category. 

We were pitted against some big global brands (Unilver and Intertissue) so were pleased to have the opportunity to compete against these big names in the retail industry. 




"An interesting, exciting idea"

Directors of Vamoosh Pet Hair DissolverThe time finally came for us on Friday 5th October to attend the prestigious awards ceremony of The Grocer New Product Award which was held at the Marriott hotel on Grosvenor Square London and hosted by Ellie Taylor and Editor Adam Leyland presented the winners with their awards.

Our directors Tom Abbey and Dave Toms attended the glittering event which celebrated innovation in food and non-food products. 

The judging panel (made up of consumers and experts) said that Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver was:

"An interesting, exciting new idea"  

....However, we unfortunately didn't win our category and lost out to Regina Blitz – Extra Large Triple Layer Sheets kitchen roll.   It was a great event and although we would have loved to have won, we were pleased to reach the finals. Onwards and upwards as they say!

How to look after your washing machine (and not let pet hair ruin it!)

How to look after your washing machine (and not let pet hair ruin it!)

Washing machines are our modern day saviours... where would we be without them?  Well, it would take much longer to get our laundry clean and smelling fresh, that's for sure!   When you think about what our washing machines do for us on an every day basis, they deserve a little bit more love than we probably give them.

Like any appliance around the house, you need to care for your machine to keep it running smoothly and to avoid that awful situation where your washing machine has a fault or stops working (argh, the horror!)  

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep your washing machine running smoothly and working tip top for you:

Step 1. Leave the washing machine door open when not in use: 

Many people don't know this, but it is recommended that we keep our washing machine doors open after every wash.  This gives the moisture inside the drum of the machine the chance to evaporate and stops stale odours from developing. 

Washing machines are designed to hold in water, so if the front door stays closed between wash cycles, it ends up holding in all the moisture from the previous wash, creating an environment in which mould can grow leading to the nasty smells.   

Step 2. Load your washing machine correctly

how to protect washing machineHow many times have you given your washing a shove to fit an extra top or towel into your load?! (Umm, guilty as charged!)  Unsurprisingly, it is recommended that you don't do this. Instead, when loading your machine, loosely fill it to allow the water and the detergent to circulate properly. It’s advised to leave a hand’s span width to the top of the drum for better performance all round.

This tip not only ensures that your laundry is washed properly and thoroughly but it also ensure that you do not cause damage and extra stress to your washing machine motor and the tub bearings.  

Step 3. Protect your machine from pet hair

Pet hair is your washing machine's worst enemy.  If there's anything more difficult to remove than pet hair, it's wet pet hair! The mix of water and pet hair results in clumps that stick to fabrics and the sides of the washing machine drum - and can seriously clog drain pumps and filters.

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is the quickest and most efficient way of removing pet hair in the washing, and protecting your washing machine at the same time.  To use Vamoosh, simply add a sachet to your normal detergent and run your longest hottest wash.  Some people also use Vamoosh in an empty washing machine to give it a good clean and remove excess hair. 

Step 4. Give your dispenser drawer a good, deep clean 

Whilst Vamoosh can help remove pet hair inside your machine, your dispenser drawer needs a bit of TLC too from time to time.  Detergent and fabric softener tend to build up in your dispenser drawer and should be cleaned regularly to ensure it works well.  To clean, simply slide out the washing drawer and pop it in the dishwasher to give it a thorough clean. To clean the gap, it is recommended to use a bathroom spray, before spraying limescale remover into the gap where the drawer was. Use an electric toothbrush to remove any dirt.