VAMOOSH® PET HAIR DISSOLVER NEW FORMULA (for washing hairy pet bedding)

VAMOOSH® PET HAIR DISSOLVER NEW FORMULA (for washing hairy pet bedding)

VAMOOSH® PET HAIR DISSOLVER NEW FORMULA (for washing hairy pet bedding)



Vamoosh is the world's first pet hair remover for use in the washing machine.  Try Vamoosh for the quick, easy way to wash pet bedding! Now with its improved formula it is perfect for those hairier breeds and deep embedded pet hair.

Dissolves hair with active oxygen
Leaves washing machines clean and free from hair
Eliminates odour
Leaves bedding and machine hygienically clean
Leaves no chemical residue
Contains zero chlorine bleach 


1) Pour the contents of one sachet of Vamoosh directly into your washing machine dispenser drawer (For larger loads, we recommend using two sachets of Vamoosh).

2) Add your usual detergent (plus fabric softener if you wish to maintain softness)

3) Add your pet bedding, taking care not to overload the machine with too much bedding at one time (as there needs to be room for the Vamoosh to work)

4) Run the longest, hottest cycle (85/95 degrees). At the end of the cycle, dry the bedding as usual.

Active ingredients:  Contains amongst other ingredients >30 percent oxygen based bleaching agents. Perfumes.


  • Sodium carbonate peroxide
  • Sodium sulphate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED)
  • Non-ionic surfactant
  • Phosphonate
  • Silica
  • Perfume

Use 2 sachets the first time you use Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver on a particular item (due to the ingrained hair) and for larger loads and very hairy bedding.
Run your longest, hottest cycle (85-95 degrees celsius) for the Vamoosh formula to work its magic
For machine washable pet beds, blankets and towels only

  THE GEEKY BIT:    Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver uses active oxygen to break down the keratin in the hair which ultimately dissolves the hair strands so they can wash away. Click here to find out more about THE SCIENCE behind Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver.  

What items can I use Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver on?

Machine washable pet beds, pet blankets and dog towels. Vamoosh can also be used on human bedding as long as it's white and 100% cotton.  

Will Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver work on a lower temperature wash?

Dissolving hair is very tough and Vamoosh’s formula will only work using a temperature wash of 85-95 °C. During our research, we found that whilst some washing machines may not have a 85-95 °C wash as a standard setting, there is normally a temperature control that can be adjusted to 85-95°C manually. 

Is Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver safe for the environment?  

The impact on the environment was a high priority for us when developing the formula for Vamoosh, so we made sure that no harmful substances are released into the environment when using any of our products.  Read more about our environmental considerations here.

Will my pet bedding survive a hot wash? 

It depends what your pet bedding is made from, however, most pet bedding is made from synthetic materials and is much tougher than you may think.  Following our extensive testing, we found that synthetic pet bedding was undamaged at this temperature.   (We don’t recommend using Vamoosh however on pet bedding made from silk, wool or leather).

How does Vamoosh work?  

Hair fibre, which is made from keratin, doesn't dissolve in water. However, Vamoosh's clever patented formula breaks down the SS-bond in the keratin so that the hair breaks into smaller pieces and washes away.  Read more about the Science behind Vamoosh here.

How do I contact you? 

For customer services issues, queries or questions please contact - for any other issue contact

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